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  • 博天堂官网注册-博天堂航母娱乐-博天堂国际备用网址

    Su Ming home economics in 2000 from Beijing, launched in 2006 brand home economics - the national chain of business model, determined to become China's brand influence of domestic service enterprises.


    Development so far, the Soviet Union in the Beijing area has more than 40 outlets, all over the country west of Lhasa, north to the northeast, south of Guangzhou, all over the four municipalities, 30 provinces and autonomous regions a total of nearly 500 stores chain National brand of domestic service chain. Target 2017 reached the national 1000, to achieve IPO financing listed.


          Su Ming market positioning in the high-end customer base, the use of modern management, and truly realize the domestic market and profitability of the service industry. Su Ming uphold diversification, specialization, scale and brand of the development strategy, want to really achieve the chain of industrialization.


        New user service needs and online selection function, to achieve the national home network o2o network, click volume has more than 500 million times, gradually through the Soviet Union official microblogging, WeChat platform, mobile APP, etc. integration of the national market resources, Online National Su Ming domestic service attendant nearly 100,000.


         Su Ming heavy money to develop ERP home management software, improve the chain store management; the introduction of Montessori home early education model, so that the brand home economics more advantages; the establishment of the first national home free 4000-121314 call center, seamless integration of the national Su Ming branch Chain resources; "love you love me Su Ming housekeeping management to help you housekeeper". Let us "Su Ming people" hand in hand, help each other, united in China's modern home industry to break their own new world.

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