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    Service case
    Sanitary cleaning
    Sanitary cleaning
    Sanitary cleaning
    Sanitary cleaning
    Sanitary cleaning
    Sanitary cleaning
    Excellent staff
    Will baby navel care, touch, maternal psychological guidance, postpartum rehabilitation, confinement meal. Loving, responsible and hard-working.
    Cheerful personality, caring, responsible, like children, there are nursery certificate
    Cheerful personality, optimistic, experienced, caring, responsible, hard-working
    I have the experience, with birth to a few months of different ages of the baby, gentle personality, responsible, love, like to bring children, work diligently and conscientiously
    the fifth anniversary celebrating party for Suming international
    Merry Christmas
    Su Ming International Housekeeping and you are zero distance The most attentive butler service around you
    Third anniversary celebration party
    all employee of Suming International celebrate the third anniversary party
    Why there is so expensive
    Today, I will share with you something different, such as what is the legendary
    The launching ceremony of housekeeping day meeting was held
    On August 6th, the launching ceremony of housekeeping day will be held at the National Convention center. The conference will
    Analysis of the problems existing in China's home service industry
    supply and demand contradictions are prominent issues in the domestic industry
    What are the publicity channels for domestic companies?
    Although the domestic company is now very competitive, but domestic companies operating is decided by
    Summit dialogue China International Forum on Home Economics
    "Summit dialogue" China Home Economics International Summit strong attack! Source: love home | editor: Shanghai Jun Jun headquarters
    Beijing Su Ming International Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd. was founded in March 18, 2016. Companies in accordance with the "enterprise management, market-oriented operation, standardized management, legal track" line, for the world, launched in twenty-first Century the most distinctive high-end home economics services. Including British Butler, life assistant, property management, confinement nursing division, early child care teacher, postpartum body restoration, collating cloakroom. We employ a foreign language teachers as well as the industry, comprehensive quality of our housekeeping staff training, and combined with the Central People's University Language Teacher Training housekeeping staff communication and literacy education, let China nanny is more outstanding, can walk into the western family, to go to the world. Current cooperation countries include the United States, Canada, australia. "To administer the country, to all the family, Su Ming International domestic adhering to build a" professional, international and specialized "domestic service team concept, towards the" become the world of high-quality domestic service providers "efforts toward the goal. The aim of the company is to deliver high-quality housekeeping service with work as loving hands

    Beijing Su Ming International Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd.
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