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    Building high-end household brand service in China

    Su Ming home economics through professional training, perfect after-sales service, advanced management system, is committed to creating high-end household brand image in china. The company launched the VIP member business, wholeheartedly provides exquisite and perfect service for every family China high-end family, popular high-end customers favorite, according to statistics, there are thousands of customers to provide Su Ming VIP housekeeping service members, of which 70% of the customers are in the world of multinational companies in China owned or joint venture the company president, general manager and other senior management positions, and 15% of the customers from domestic and international famous movie stars, singers and government officials from all walks of life.

    Become a member of the Su Ming VIP

    Su Ming VIP member services based family service type, the supply of senior housekeeping division salaries are more than 5000 yuan per month. We provide you with the domestic division through layers of interviews, merit based admission, either from the identification of identity, or skills requirements, the company will be strict, and strive for excellence. Once a company's VIP membership, we will VIP according to customer requirements, arrange senior housekeeping division and your interview, interview after the success of the company according to customer demand for each staff 7 days closed to strengthen skills training. After training and assessment, arrange for senior housekeepers to be employed.

    In addition, the company will provide you with perfect customer service service at the end of each month, Su Ming will provide domestic telephone interviews for VIP members, a double insurance, 400 thousand of the value of the domestic service division skill intensive training and a number of customer service service, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of family, don't feel like the quality of life.

    VIP services project:

    Home service division, Yuesao, nursing division, family family division, home cleaning services, home and other family services as teachers.

    VIP membership fee model

    The company adopts the "member + management" mode. Membership fees one-time charge 5000 yuan, then the monthly fee of 10% of the attendant monthly salary management fees.

    Salary model for housekeeping

    We take the form of payment collection. Each month the waiter's salary and 10% of the customer's management fees are paid directly to the company by the customer. We pay the waiter's salary 7 days after each month's service. The company comes to collect fees every month and provides regular invoices.

    Beijing Su Ming International Housekeeping Service Co., Ltd.
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    Address: No. 8, West Park, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing
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